A God Who Can't Save You

A god who can’t save you. My dad and I were talking the other day about why people don’t question their salvation. I’d come to the conclusion that it’s just too scary a prospect. My dad, however, took it a step further asserting that once a person questions their salvation, their ultimate rescue, their entire religion comes crashing in on itself.

Crashing in on itself. Those words sum up rather well how I feel right now. It’s not a Chicken Little sort of “the sky is falling” nonsense that I’m experiencing, either. It’s a violent earthquake of my soul where the bedrock that once seemed so well supporting the earthen desires and pursuits has been uprooted to the point of collapse. But enough about me already. How did I, how do we get here?

God, why have you forsaken me? The answer is rather simple: because I asked Him to. Not expressly, but I have other gods around to do the heavy lifting, if you will. When I feel down, lonely, incomplete, desolate, I have my own gods to save me from these snares. Look around us, we have so many things that will save us in this world. Our jobs, friends, social status, homes, cars, vacations, etc. The list is ever-expanding, but because I, we ignore a simple fact.

God is dead. The way we view God, the understanding and the comfort we have and the selfish convenience we have in God reduce Him to a mere god. He isn’t just the god that fits our politics, our society or even our religion. Instead, He should shape all of these. If He is who we claim Him to be, then God must inherently be bigger than all of these constructs and mainly because we need Him to be so.

Salvation depends on it. What’s crashing down on my life isn’t God. It isn’t my faith in the loving Creator of my soul, but merely the facade of who I selfishly wanted Him to be for me. While it feels a crisis, undoubtedly I’m struggling in the fallout, these are the ashes from which the phoenix of true faith and understanding are born. Though I feel lost and cast off, I know I am near the precipice of life. All my existence has been squandered on subsistence with my fun size god, but I am no longer satisfied by this and to continue to feed my soul these empty calories, it gets costly and I get fat, complacent. No, I need salvation.

Where are you in all this? If you’ve crossed this bridge before, please believe I am rejoicing as I type for your life redeemed. If you have questions, leave a comment, email me (it’s on the “about” page). If you feel you’ve been forsaken as I, maybe where you want to place blame isn’t God, but your misunderstanding of Him. For those of you who absolutely cannot accept what I’ve said here, acknowledge it and take responsibility for your belief. Maybe you too want to let me know with what you have a hard time believing. I’ll be honest, I don’t think many of us Christians sit down to ask this question and fewer of us think it through. This is how we get a church who believes in God, but acts like the brazen rebels we once were.