As We Step Toward Provision

Most, if not all, of us have prayed for God to provide for us. And I know I’m not alone in saying I prefer the answer to that prayer to come right then and there. I’m really praying that my prayer is enough action on my part to show God I’m serious about what I’m asking. You know what, often it is. But, there are times it isn’t. When it isn’t, then what do we do? I was reminded of the answer today as I’ve continued reading through The Circle Maker.

We wade into the water

The Israelites were standing on the east bank of the Jordan River, waiting for a miracle like the parting of the Red Sea, so they could cross and claim the land God had promised them hundreds of years ago. When they got to the Red Sea, sure, they had to wait, but at the right time, God opened up a path through the water, and they waltzed across the sea floor without getting a drop on themselves. He did it once, so why wouldn’t He do it again? That’s exactly what I would have been thinking. Maybe I’m not so different from the Israelites after all. However, after praying, God told the priests to wade into the water a few steps. This seems a little strange to me, and it no doubt did to them, but they did as they were told. And it was because this act of obedience, the Israelites were finally able to take possession of the promise of old. They were finally able to inhabit the land of milk and honey.

Do you want it?

This is the question God was asking the Israelites when He gave the command to walk into the water. “I know this sounds crazy,” He says, “But How much do you trust me? How much do you want what I’ve promised you?” Has this ever happened to you? I worked a paid internship outside Philadelphia and it concluded sooner than I’d planned based on some complicated circumstances. I spent the next couple months searching for jobs. I knew God was going to give me a job, and a good one at that. However, before He delivered the job I currently hold into my lap, I needed to go through a few interviews first. And it was through that process I began to understand better God’s provision.

What is your promise?

What is it that God has promised you? What has He not given? Could it be that you’re standing on the opposite bank of the Jordan just waiting for God to act? Could it also be that He’s waiting for you to act? What does dipping your feet in the water look like for you? Do you think maybe He’s asking you to do that in faith? Is it making that deposit? Making that awkward phone call? Or is it quitting that job? I know it’s uncomfortable. It seems a little strange, crazy, nonsensical, I’m sure. However, if He’s asking you to do it, I guarantee there’s a perfect reason for it. You’ll probably be looked at. People may call you crazy, question your understanding of God and tell you you’re wrong. But, what God’s telling you isn’t necessarily for them to understand. Whatever it is, what’s imperative is you act. Otherwise, you may forfeit the gift at the precipice. And that’s a shame.

We all know what asking for God’s provision, in one way or another, is like. We ask, but we’re really asking for Him to work in the here and now without anymore effort required on our part. However, that’s not the way it works all the time. Sometimes, there’s another step required to show we’re serious about the request we’re making. And usually that step will take us a bit into off territory. Our job is to not turn back at the blessing’s door. Instead, we take that step, because anything God asks us to do can’t be all that crazy in the grand scheme of things. Or can it..?