As far as I’m concerned, it’s been forever since my last post. Yes, it’s been a weekend and, yes, it is now Monday. It was certainly a long weekend, though I didn’t really do much and it’s been an even longer morning. Aside from doing some group work for this stupid project that I’m rather sick of at this point, going to the gym, going out and sitting around the house in between, the weekend was uneventful. This morning, however was somewhat to the contrary. I got a late start this morning on my quest for Spudnuts before heading to work (normal opening activity), but there was ice on the windshield. I got to the shop and found that the airpots had been moved next to the cash register as opposed to on the countertop behind the register and all the to-go cups were next to the airpots instead of also being on the opposite countertop. This is not a revelation you want to have at 6:45 on a Monday morning, trust me. Then, I remembered we had no bakery goods because of Presidents’ Day, which simply threw me off slightly, but no big deal. Then, I found it very hard to think straight for the majority of my shift, which helped me slowly realize just how tired I am from the weekend. By the way, I’m currently on my third cup of coffee today, not a good sign haha. Back to the story…at about 8:40, I got a decent rush and ran completely out of coffee, had to give this poor girl a coffee rather than the hazelnut latte she had ordered because she simply had no more time to wait, and it was just me behind the counter. Luckily, Greg came around 9:00, so there was some relief, but not before the damage had been done. As far as I was concerned, we had reached crisis mode haha. Then, I ended up leaving work 15 minutes late and when you have 30 to drive back home, grab your belongings for the day and get to class, you can’t recover from that. Even better, when I got back, I realized I was locked out of my own house (long story involving a key breaking off in a lock) and had to stack a couple cinderblocks and shimmy in through a small window in the back. I think at this point it goes without saying that I missed my first class today haha. Now, I’m sitting in my Intro Philosophy class trying not to let my eyes roll back into my head as we discuss Decartes’ Meditation 1 and not trusting the senses. I have to admit, however, I do agree with this distrust.
While the senses are wonderful and I enjoy quite a few of them, they do lie to us. This is why in the Christian life, faith is not a feeling. Our senses, while necessary and good, do not give us the entire story all the time. They are meant to be enjoyed, but when it comes to complete reliance, this is where the line is to be drawn.
Yeah, I really wish I had something deeper, but I haven’t spent any time over the past few days on anything of a spiritual nature, which is entirely a shame.
I’m sure I’ll be back later as I’m going through blogging withdrawal…