Definitely a Week Late

I physically wrote this down a week ago, but life exploded into activity later that day, so I’m now transcribing it.

I don’t know how this’ll flow, but let’s see. Just trying to jot some thoughts down for a blog…

Random, but just passed by a truck transporting pigs in a manner that reminded me of a WWII concentration camp transport. Packed like…compacted garbage, I suppose. It gave me significant distaste to the point of swearing off pork at least for a little while. A good little while.

Stories. Being the “new guy”, I have shared mine a few times in recent memory. We all have one. Of course, they’re different. They are as different as the one to whom each belongs. While they’re different, they’re also messy. I don’t mean messy as in dirty, though. I mean it in the way that a parent sees their child’s finger painting and this it a masterpiece. I think this is the way God sees each of our stories. They are gritty and real, but with the poetry of a heavenly sonnet. Yes, a sonnet. Each story tells the unfolding love story of a beneficent Savior to His love. This, I feel, is how we are to hear each story.

I don’t know what spurred it, but this thought on the way home from work led me to ask the question of what comes next and what is truly the purpose of this year? This is a question that I’ve been wrestling with for a while. It seems to fit the title of this blog and a name I have assumed for myself. This year, a crossroads where I begin to forge an identity no longer defined by anything forced upon me. It seems this identity is a tabula rasa with infinite possibility only feasible away from all things known. This year is but another stop on the road of the wayward journeyer. I am a mess, but very little of this mess am I actually tied to. This mess, not owned by me can be laid down over the course of this year. So it seems this is to be a year of self-discovery and definition. I do not know where this will lead, just as I don’t know where God has my path going after this year. And so I bide my time. I wait with excitement. In that vein, it seems this will become a weekly occurrence.

The ramblings of an ignorant single, young in the ways of the world and young at heart. I may not have much insight to offer, but what I lack, I would like to think I make up for in introspection and sheer quantity of words haha.