Do you know where you’re going? The question strong enough to silence a lively lunch discussion, it gave us all pause as we contemplated its weight and possibility. A day later, though the conversation long over and the topic taken gingerly off the table for discussion like a cracked egg, I’m still contemplating.

It’s all about the journey. We say this, beating it into the ground, but after a week in Europe, I’m beginning to rediscover the beauty in this cliché. If life is to be about the destination, then why do we need eighty-some years to reach it? Doesn’t that mean that the time in between birth and reaching the destination are merely lost, wasted?

God doesn’t waste. This is just not in God’s character. There isn’t a blink of an eye or a fluttering of breeze that isn’t harkening toward His intended purpose. If God finds purpose in the creatures of the forest, then how much more so a life of His favorite creation? No, God doesn’t waste.

Wrong turns are inevitable. We spent two days walking around London in a fog. The moment we’d gain our bearings, we’d duck inside the Tube (subway) or some tourist attraction and we were thrown for a loop. It was frustrating, but true of life. We stumbled across more things in being lost than we could have knowing every turn of the way. We ambled countless blocks in the “wrong direction”, but always getting to the desired location having experienced more.

I know where I’m headed. What if we get lost? What if we don’t arrive at our destination? God is no less faithful. He is telling us that He has more in store for us than we’d planned. He’s telling us that His ways are higher than ours and we won’t always understand them. But, He will unfailingly get us there safely and as quickly as He needs to, no sooner.

Maybe the question we should be asking is “Do you know where you’re headed?” Maybe instead of telling God where we’re going, we should allow Him to tell us. Wrong turns aren’t a curse, they’re a blessing. Not reaching our destination, we haven’t failed, but God has succeeded as He always will. Rather than obsessing over where we’re going, let’s be thankful for where He’s taking us today, right now. Then again, maybe I’m crazy. Do you know where you’re going?