Well, I realize this is no surprise to anyone but the economy sucks. Honestly, that fact doesn’t really bother me. I think we as a country need it. We have become so arrogant, complacent and pompous that it’s about time we face our own mortality in a sense. I am not completely heartless and apathetic as seeing so many people unemployed truly does break my heart as one of my chief concerns oftentimes is the well-being of others. Despite this natural tendency, I see that our nation is being brought to its knees so that at least some in the nation of excesses and prosperity may see the God of All as the true provider in their lives and in this world. Being in school, I am sheltered in a big way from what is going on economically which is both a blessing and a curse. Of course it is always more comfortable not to go through such a trial as this, but for someone who desires to empathize with others and wishes to help those that are suffering right now, it feels slightly debilitating.