Independence Day fireworks

What does independence mean to the Christian? What does today, a primarily patriotic and nationalistic holiday, say about faith? Where is the tie-in? Where is the application?

Celebrate independence

Celebrate today, because we are free to do so. We live independent from oppression. We have independence from religious persecution. We are free to celebrate the freedom Christ’s blood purchased for us. Today should be a party. It should be raucous, it should be festive, loud and boisterous. Hallelujah, we are free! Thank you, Jesus! We have been blessed to live in a country that allows us to exercise that freedom daily! How many greater blessings are there?

What does independence mean?

What does independence mean for us? What is freedom? Is it just freedom from, or is it freedom of? What is the independence we celebrate today? Friend, it must be freedom of faith and freedom from faith. Our independence is one of choice. We choose to believe, but we choose knowing there must be an appropriate level of authority above us, maintaining that freedom. We are free, but at a daily cost to both God and ourselves.

Independence to struggle

We have the freedom to ask these questions. We have the freedom to contemplate, challenge and grow through the crucible of discussions md experience. I don’t know how many more ways it can be said that we are fee, wholly, completely, totally, utterly free. That freedom was purchased long ago, but it is no less true today than yesterday, tomorrow or nearly two thousand years ago. So, why do we live like we’re shackled once more? Why do we willingly walk into the manacles of codependency and selfishness?

What does independence mean to you, friend? Given that meaning, how are you celebrating it today? Or have we lost the meaning along the way? Let’s rediscover it today. And let’s hold fast to that meaning. It is independence, after all. Live free today.