sacrifice is uncertainty

This is already shaping up to be an interesting month. In essence, this week alone, my move-in date has been pushed back not once, but twice, I’ve had to find out the hard way that electricity had stopped being delivered to the house for a short period of time, financially I’m strapped, and I still have no roommate. I think it goes without saying, I did not sleep well last night. In spite of all this, I am just as certain, if not more so, that these are small sacrifices along the way to living purposefully. I know this uncertainty is necessary in forging my faith.

Sacrifice is uncomfortable

As we’re all aware, sacrifice isn’t exactly pleasant. I realize, the sacrifices I’m making in owning a home are small, but they’re big enough for me right now. That’s the thing about sacrifice. There is none too big or too small. We each must sacrifice an amount that is appropriate for our faith in the time being. For some, maybe it’s giving up one Saturday a month. For others, it may be sacrificing the second latte or cappuccino of the day. For others, it may be throwing away a promising, high-profile career to uproot and start from nothing. Each is big in its own way for the right person. Each will bring us closer to our Provider.

Sacrifice will kill

We’ve all heard that Christians become new creations, but this rebirth is not without death. And sacrifice is the act of cutting off the air to the parts of us that must die in order for us to be remade, move forward. I don’t want to go too far into this topic, but the essence of sacrifice is choosing not to feed habits or compulsions that we hold dearly. Over time, they atrophy and dull; eventually, they die. In their place, there is not left a gaping hole, but newness.

We need sacrifice

Sacrifice is a broad term, but without it, our faith is left largely untested. Without sacrifice, rejecting the comfortable routine, what would force us to lean more heavily on our Father? What would give us reason to open our eyes to the infinite support He’s been offering all along? No, it’s sacrifice that shows us how He’s been providing since before the earth. It brings us ever closer to the God who loves us, and we love in return. Sacrifice isn’t a curse, but a blessing. It’s a glorious opportunity to be ushered in closer.

Sacrifice is not just inevitable, but it’s critical to faith. Sure, it’s uncomfortable. Sure, sacrifice hurts and works to kill off certain parts of us. But, sacrifice also nurtures and facilitates our necessary rebirth. It empties us of the hollow comforts and dependencies onto which we desperately cling. However, it simultaneously fills us with the lasting knowledge and sufficiency of God, our Father. Sacrifice merely removes the obstacles that stand in the way of our moving closer to God. Being as good as I know Him to be, this is no chore. Sacrifice is one of the greatest blessings we’re offered under the sun. So what’s your sacrifice today?