Bible Psalm 42

No list of Christian essentials is complete without mentioning the recorded Word of God, itself. The irony in this post is that I realized this morning as I sat down to a quiet time, it was the first I’d had in a week. And I can feel it in my soul. The words barren, desert, dry, all came to mind as I wrote. Why? Because I hadn’t watered my faith with the perpetually thirst-quenching well of God’s word, the Bible.

The Bible, the source

The Bible contains the very essence of the Christian faith. Without it, the essential truths, the very core of our faith would be mere wives’ tales, folklore. Without the Bible to turn back to, what leg would our faith have to stand on? Without the Bible, of what could we be certain? Or do I make too much of it?

The Bible informs our worldview

Our worldview needs to be shamelessly ripped from the pages of the Bible. The world around us is not to provide context for the words contained within, but rather it’s our job to influence the world around us according to the Bible. Therefore, “You shall have no other gods before me,” means that God is the one, true, all-powerful God. It doesn’t mean “I’m God, but if you want to hang out with Buddha and Krishna, that’s cool. I’ll take whatever spare time you have left over.” It doesn’t mean, “If you’re not cool with ‘religion’, that’s fine, but maybe think of me when you see Mt. Everest, or something.” No! However, these are only slight exaggerations of what mainstream society would tell us.

“How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word. With my whole heart I seek you; let me not wander from your commandments! I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” — Psalm 119:9–11

The Bible, our rock

When we are lost, down, afraid, stressed, anxious, there is always something in the Bible to bring us back to our Father. There is always something to remind us of how great our God truly is. And for those of you who question the Bible’s inerrancy, I will simply say you belittle the God of the Universe. No, the Bible isn’t a survival book broken down by every specific scenario we’ll encounter in life. However, I assure you I’ve found guidance for every scenario in which I’ve sought it.

The Bible, and the words contained within, form the very basis on which we’re placing our faith, but we don’t seem to care much about it. As a result, we float along, we dilute our faith and we ultimately buy and sell lies. Ashamed, I am the problem about which I complain. I, we, do not return to Truth often enough to fend off the constant deluge of lies we encounter. Each passing minute, a reassurance that we are fine on our own, without the Bible. When was the last time you opened yours? For me, it was this morning, but before that was a week ago. This cannot be. We cannot allow our faith to float aimlessly. Life is too short. And our purpose is too great. Read your Bible. Live your purpose.