I’m fasting today. Yes, you read that correctly. Why? That’s an excellent question. Probably because I’m a sadist and I like watching myself suffer. No, there are a few reasons, but they all boil down to the fact that I’m expecting answers to some prayer for both myself and good friends. I’ve found there’s no better way to focus on prayer than when your stomach is empty. There is little that will bring me to my knees faster and more consciously than hunger. I love my food. However, today, it takes a backseat to jobs not found and a house that’s being bought. It takes a secondary importance to petitioning the God who provides it all.

Why am I fasting?

More specifically, I’m fasting to both show dedication and pray more. Without delving too deep into theology and Biblical history, there are just some problems that require us to show a little more resolution in our prayer. I feel like the prayers at hand are important enough to merit a more serious approach. Also, it’s because of this importance that I’ve chosen fasting to help increase my frequency of prayer. Yeah, there are just some things that are this important.

Why are you not fasting?

What prayers do you have unanswered? What friends, family do you know of languishing waiting on the answer to prayer? What life-changing answers are you awaiting? The answer isn’t to give up. The answer is to continue praying. Maybe even pray harder. And that’s where fasting comes in. I guess my question to you is how badly do you want it?

There’s a reason fasting has been practiced since the ancient times. I’m not saying it’s lost on this generation, but it’s long been underrated by a society devoted to gluttony and more. We’re so quick to try new diets, but how about a diet for your complacent soul? How about cutting back on the physical bread we eat and letting God make up the difference with His manna? Our God wants to answer our prayers, I promise you He does. Sometimes, He just wants to see that we want Him to answer our prayers. Sometimes, He wants to see we’re responsible in our requests. Just sometimes, fasting is required to show our hearts are dead set on His provision and there is no other option. Friend, for what do you have to be fasting and why aren’t you?