I can’t remember if I posted last night, but I’m far too lazy to check. On second thought, I know I did because I distinctly remember talking about soccer again haha.
Today was kind of a blur. I spent the entire morning and half the afternoon waiting for classes to be over so I could hang out with my Dad for a little and also see an old family friend. I could not say what was gone over in any of my 3 classes, but I do know it wasn’t all that important.
On to the important stuff now. I rushed off to meet my Dad at that grassy area across the street from the Corner, whatever it’s called. Sadly enough, he looked straight at me and didn’t even recognize me…that’s really sad I know. Anyway, we had lunch at Michael’s and had an awesome conversation about how vast and infinite God really is. It was scary because my Dad and I don’t often agree completely on spiritual issues because most of my beliefs have been passed down to me from people in the church who I perceived as more mature than myself as well as misconceptions of those views. I feel like I’ve had those views challenged a lot recently and that’s a good feeling when I can say that this belief that I’m talking about is genuinely my own because I’ve taken that belief and evaluated for myself its validity. Simply put, though, God is too vast for us to ever understand. To know God would mean that we would at the very least have to be equally as powerful and vast as God, but we being finite can never be that vast or powerful. That certainly doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to understand Him better. In fact, it should spur us on that much more. We just have that much more that we can possibly learn. I don’t know, but that thought kind of excites me. We need to stop taming God and putting Him in a nice, neat box that our minds can comprehend. This God is nothing less than the Creator, warrior, the most powerful being in the universe. For heaven’s sake, He brought the universe into being. I’m kinda thinking that makes him more powerful than the universe, which means I have no clue how powerful He is. Now, that’s an awesome thought.
The funny thing is that this totally goes along with a conversation I had/am having currently online with a friend. God is so much more powerful, vast, awesome, great and amazing than I give Him credit for pretty much ever.
I’m going to leave that there, because I don’t want to ruin that thought. I think it’s just beautiful as is. In a way, it’s comforting and in another, it’s terrifying. Honestly, I don’t fear Him as I should. If He so wished, He could smite me from this earth and banish me to an eternity in Hell without lifting a finger. If that’s not terrifying, I don’t know what is.
Well, I have to work in the morning so I’ll leave this here…