I really should be doing some of the reading I’ve been backlogging all week, but I’m finding it nearly impossible. As usual I’m sitting in Para despite the fact that I opened this morning and I’m just sitting here kind of observing what’s going on around me. There is a great mixture of conversations from a discussion about ministry to an upcoming art exhibit to a discussion about classes and profession. I just got a little distracted as I related the events of work this morning to a coworker and friend. Long story short, I was working alone as is usual before 9am and I got this insane rush of customers where I ran out of coffee completely and had a drink queue of about 8 espresso drinks and was stuck at the register because customers just kept coming in the store and finally the “management team” came in to help my predicament. As hectic as that was, I would not change a thing about my job.
Ok, so I have now completely lost my train of thought. I love friends though. They are the best cure for most every ailment of happiness. I use this because there is nothing that brightens my day like seeing a good friend and having a conversation with them and really seeing how they are doing. Not only have I just seen a friendly face, but in most cases I have also gotten a warm hug, a genuine smile and a true opportunity to pray for someone about whom you deeply care. Whether either of you notice it or not, you have just been given the opportunity to make an eternal difference in that person’s life. I love feeling like I am helping people, so this is particularly appealing to me.
I feel a little ADD at the moment because I’m now turning my attention to the issue of sin and our turning from the God of Love. Sin is not denying God’s love, though on one level it is, and it is not simply disobeying Him, though it is that as well, but it is so much more and deeper than both of those. Our sin is an arrogant betrayal of God’s love. Sin goes so much deeper than the surface of knowledge and action down to the very heart where the crux of the issue lies. Sin is a heart condition denying the very heart of God. However, God has made the appropriate countermeasure in something that we may appreciate, but I believe I will never fully understand. God gives us grace to cover up the betrayal and renew the relationship He is actively pursuing. He is the perfect husband relentlessly seeking His perfect bride who is consistently running from Him. The very bride He made perfect, and I act as if I can be perfect without Him. It’s something like Pepe Le Peu and I am the cat always running from Pepe’s incessant love and attempts to woo me. No matter what I do, I can neither lose His love, nor escape Him. If I truly believe Him to be as I’ve described, why in the hell would I want to, though? It seems completely preposterous and nonsensical.
I don’t know where that warm weather we had Sunday and Monday went, but it can return again. I’m kinda over the whole cold thing by now. I’ve seen my snow here, we can move on. Ahh…I guess I will have to wait a few weeks more for Spring Break in the Caribbean (yes, I’m rubbing it in).
“…It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” — Matthew 15:11