in the stress, God is holy still

Yesterday was a long day for me. It felt like I was coordinating the invasion of Normandy all over again. Yes, yes, enough with the melodrama already. In summary, the day consisted of me doing things for which I did not feel, nor am I in truth qualified, but knew had to be done and in less time than I thought necessary. Once again, it needed to be done, so it got done. And come five o’clock, so was I. In fact, well past done. I was frazzled, tired, stressed, and just feeling burdened. Then the song below played in the car, and I realized once more that God is holy.

God is holy, but so what?

What does God being holy have to do with the price of tea in China? Couldn’t resist the old adage. But, how does the fact that God is holy speak to a long day at the office? What does the fact that God is holy mean in that moment? It means that I don’t know all that it means. It means that I’ll never understand the gravity of those words. It means that I will never understand how important it should be that Seraphim encircle His throne declaring God “holy, holy holy.” And I don’t have to understand.

So, God is holy…

God is holy, therefore He is set apart, and since He is “holy, holy, holy,” He is the perfection of being above it all. And that Perfection is our loving Father. He is not just our God, but our Sustainer, and our Savior. You see, because of Jesus, we share in this mind-blowing attribute of God, and because He loved us, we are above it all. Apart from God’s holiness, nothing really matters. Well, everything else, the cares, worries, and burdens all just pale in comparison. And it was being able to grasp that in the slightest way yesterday on the way home from work that reduced me to tears. Though I don’t understand what it all means, I have been given enough to know that it makes an eternity of difference. God is holy.

What challenges has this week brought you, friend? Have you stopped to remember that your Father is holy, God is holy, but He’s not just holy, He’s holy, holy, holy. He is love, and because of His holiness, this love toward you is Love, the very perfection of immaculate joy in perfecting your joy, glorifying His name. Whatever it is you’re going through, my heart goes out to you today, but I cannot encourage you enough to remind yourself that God is holy. God is holy, holy, holy.