I think we can all agree last week was just a rough week. I don’t even want to name the events specifically right now, because it’s still rather fresh in my mind. But this time last week, I was away at a trade show watching on repeat a bomb going off. Again and again, thanks to ESPN, my stomach churned. And it’s unsettled as that memory is brought back to the forefront. With all the death and destruction, I went into the weekend in need of some good encouragement. I needed to be reminded of hope. I will mention West, Boston, Watertown just this once to say, my prayers are with you as together we begin to piece life back together. Because we all have been affected by your grief.

How can the God of hope allow such tragedy?

You want the real Christian perspective? I don’t know. I know God will use the events of last week to bring hope, restoration and reconciliation to some, but how and why, I’m not skilled enough to understand. I really don’t know how God can use such devastation to further His good and perfect plans for this world. But maybe that’s the conundrum in finding hope from an omnipotent God. Maybe, just maybe my lack of understanding points to just how amazing He really is. I know He’s incredible, but could all this prove Him more so? Or maybe it’s to prove that there is no hope outside of Him.

Searching for answers

Needless to say, I’ll need to continue to do a fair amount of praying this week. Maybe as details are released, we’ll all have a better clue. I pray that sooner rather than later we’ll all come to peace and understanding. I have faith even now that there is hope to be found in this mess. But, I cannot find it in myself. And I cannot rely on others to provide it for me. Call it a crutch, call it the opium of the masses, I will run back to my Savior. I will run back to the Sustainer, because I know nowhere else to turn. Because I need hope more than answers right now and that can only be provided by my Father.

Looking forward together

As I said earlier, we were all affected in some way by last week. Directly or indirectly, we were all wounded. So, it only makes sense that we move forward together. It only makes sense that we hold up one another as we trudge onward, one step at a time. It only makes sense that we lift the heads of our brothers and sisters around us to the light of hope before us. It only makes sense that we, all, come together. As children of the Creator, we need to embrace our common bonds and cling collectively to our Hope.

Last week was one none of us will soon forget. I can’t give you reasons for why God would allow such things, but I can tell you where I’m looking for my hope. Having searched high and low, I’ve only found it in God. I’ve only found it completed in coming together as His sons and daughters and calling out to Him, petitioning Him for hope, for love. Why? Where else can I find peace? Where else can I find comfort and understanding? I don’t know the what, when or the why, friends. But I do know the how and where. Hope and healing only will come from us coming together and drawing collectively together toward our Father.