God with us and tacky sweaters

So at the risk of sounding like Scrooge, is there anyone else out there who finds the chaos of the season makes it a little more difficult to enjoy the holidays? Maybe? Well, for the one other out there, you know that once Thanksgiving is over, the month-or-so-long sprint begins where everyone in this country has to find all the best gifts for everyone at the lowest prices and will stop at (next to) nothing to achieve that goal. Common courtesies and driving laws all go out the window, along with the driving ability to boot. For once, this is not me being melodramatic, just sharing what’s racing around my brain the near two hours I spend on the road each day. However, in spite of it all, I find the fact that Jesus’ birth signified God loving us so much, that He came to physically be and experience with us. He loves us and wants to understand us so much, that He would become Emmanuel, God with us.

God with us in the madness

This season does carry with it a hint of madness, not all (or necessarily most) of it bad. The family get-togethers, the inherent quirkiness that is family and each member brings to the table, the work parties, the friendly get-togethers, yeah, it can get a little crazy especially when events begin overlapping as always seems to happen. You know, I think Jesus knows a lot about all this. I’m pretty sure He had the same scheduling conflicts, experienced the same craziness. What did He do? I’m not entirely sure, but I’m convinced that He made the most of every experience He could cram into His overflowing schedule. Why? Because people, living, loving, laughing, crying, simply being together is what it was all about for Him. And if we’re to take away anything from this season marking the Advent of God with us, it is that He wanted to be with us all the time. He still does.

The God with us all

So it’s the last Friday before Christmas. I’m betting you have at least one or two more gatherings before Christmas day. I’m betting you’re either finishing up your Christmas gift buying (guilty), or wrapping up those little (or not so little) treasures. My challenge to you this blessed day is to do all this with joy. My challenge is to spread cheer and make those with whom you come into contact feel just a little more in the spirit of the season than before you happened upon their path. Friend, I think you can do it. Because this was the life of God with us, and this is the example I will try and emulate over the next few days.