Can we please get over Michael Phelps? For heaven’s sake, it seems like the only stories news and sports channels (i.e., ESPN) actually care about is the photo with his mouth on a (presumably) marijuana bong. Whoop-de-freaking-do. I’m sorry, but marijuana use is not such a rare thing in either the sports or college world. Yes he screwed up and the photo should never have been taken, but who really cares?! If he were any regular citizen, no one would give a flying flip! Really, America? Let’s have some class and grace here.
After my rant, I’m seriously stoked for this all night scavenger hunt encompassing Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. Yeah, it’s just that epic. If I don’t write for a few days, don’t worry I was probably just arrested for trespassing somewhere haha. So, I’m pretty much writing off tomorrow as I’m going to be recovering from the absolute lack of sleep, but I can’t complain given the prospects.
Once again, I love music. It hit me today as I was playing for Agape’s prayer this afternoon and I became aware of just how happy it makes me to worship especially through playing and singing. I was pretty much in a state of euphoria during those three songs.
I wish I had more time during the day, because I always feel like there is so much I want to do. However, I just rarely ever have time to do it all.
I got lunch with a friend today at O-Hill, I once again was reminded why I dislike the dining halls in general, and we focused on the topic of taking to heart God’s love and grace. It’s easy to remember Him when we’re in dire straights and can find no way out of the situation, but what about the less than tough times? So often do I find myself trying to take on the world when I feel like the hurdles are more my size. I need to realize that I need help just as much then as I do when I feel the weight of the world bearing down on me. Oh, how short a memory do I have.