I’m writing now because I have some spare time in between a meeting and discussion and I honestly don’t know how much energy I’ll have when I return from the evening’s activities. That being said, one more disclaimer. I’m pretty much stealing this topic from a good friend who will probably read this and call me out on it, but it’s all the material I got.
I was definitely tired this morning as I rolled out of bed (crawled frailly, in truth) at 5:30 this morning to pick up the doughnuts and get to work on time. I have to say, waking up is the toughest thing for me on a daily basis. I LOVE sleep. Outside of music and soccer, it’s in a dead heat with food for my next favorite set of activities. I think I’m saying this because I’m really tired right now and wishing there was some relief in sight, however there most certainly is not. I’ll get to that later.
I got a wonderful treat at work today as I had several friends stop by the shop during my uber-early shift from 6:30 to 9:00 before class at 9:30. Well, this one friend of mine, who will remain nameless at least for the moment, came in and was probably the biggest surprise of the morning because I have never seen her in the coffee shop, ever. Anyway, she was with a friend of hers and proceeded to tell her friend about both of our blogging exploits and how I started mine after she started hers, which is completely true. However, this revealed me for the poser I am haha. No, I’m not a complete poser, but in all truth she wasn’t the only friend I have who started a blog in the past month or so and seeing all those new blogs made me feel like I was missing out, so that’s what got me started thinking about this thing we refer to as the “blogoshpere.” I really like that word for some reason, it’s just hard to spit out.
Now, for the truly unoriginal part of my post. In my meeting, which was really a discipleship meeting in all honesty, we talked about “living in the light” and when one is living in the light, they experience fellowship, which to me is friendship in its purest form. There is something about that word that makes me feel like it emphasizes the comradery and mutual investment of the relationship that the word friendship doesn’t capture. This fellowship, until last summer was something I never realized I was truly lacking in my life. It wasn’t until I was thrust into a community of grace and truth, that I realized I had no idea what I had just gotten myself into. I have so contented myself with darkness and hiding because of my fear of disappointing those who mean most to me that I simply didn’t invest in our relationship or allow myself to be transparent and honest with them because I was afraid they wouldn’t like the me they would see. I was alone, lonely and depressed and I hated life. That’s just sad. Life is a wonderful gift. We only have a short time on this earth, and every second, every opportunity wasted is a gift that we have thrown away and can never get back. Despite all that I have discarded, I am continuously given more. It was only when I had real friends that I realized their purpose in this journey that is life. We are all journeyers on this earth and friends keep us company on that journey as well as provide some key guidance at times. Without them I am hopelessly lost. These friendships, fellowships as I prefer, are a huge gift from above that make the trials and tribulations of this broken and fallen world that much more bearable and the good times that much sweeter. Friendship can only make this life a little more rewarding. I know I am not alone in this thought.
So now I’m off to my “non-stop discussion block” which is Philosophy 101 discussion followed by New Testament discussion, then I bolt off to help at Agape with the sound system after which I help run during the meeting. After that, there is the hang out time at the Castle and around 10:30–11 I get back home and get straight to bed to wake up at 5:30 again and do the whole work thing again. Get it son!