Live experiences. I’m sometimes crippled by my clunky pursuit of living a full and meaningful life. I get bogged down in searching for meaning in most everything I do. Somewhere along the line, I began to equate meaning with growing older and inherently wiser, thus being able to lead a more important life. So, I equated age with impact. This was until my dad’s friend issued these words at the dinner table, “Live experiences, not years.” I’m still trying to clear the rubble from that bomb.

“Live experiences, not years.”

Which are you? Are you, like me, trying to live as long as possible, playing it safe and hoping to get as much time here as you can? Are you clinging onto the past, wishing it hadn’t gotten away from you so quickly? Does the word risk come pre-packaged with the word “calculated” in front, or does it unsettle you altogether? Or, are you truly enjoying the ride? Are you not living for the moment, but in the moment, enjoying the grace of every given moment? Maybe that’s the real question. Do you see every moment, every situation, every person in your life as an instance of grace? Only living in grace can we allow the years to go as they may, but fully live experiences.