Love believes all things. This statement makes love out to be some gullible kook out of touch with reality. You know what, maybe it is. Maybe that’s exactly the point with love here. Love isn’t analytical, taking the pieces of a situation and capable of merely rearranging them like some sort of math problem. Love isn’t emotional, driven by fits and outbursts that defy even the best psychologists. No, though love has these characteristics, love is more than analytical and more than emotional.

Love seems to be some gullible kook out of touch with reality. We use the phrase “love came down” in regards to the coming of Jesus, but I want you to think about that in this context. Jesus was definitely out of touch (so it seemed) with the reality of that day. He took the social order, norms and turned them all on their heads. However, He was never without reason. There was always a direct purpose. In fact, they were so saturated with meaning, we’re still trying to understand them fully today.

Love isn’t trite. Even Jesus’ most memorable meltdowns (think about Him flipping over tables in the temple) aren’t just for the sake of reacting. Love seems to maintain a higher standard and believe it’s attainable. The latter is very important. Love isn’t your boss weighing down on you because they have authority over you. No, love bears down on those it believes are meant for more.

Love sees more. I mentioned love seeing more than what’s there in a situation, and I want to reassert that fact. Love lifts both the lover and the loved to new heights and knows both can reach them. Love, not seeing what is prevalent, focuses on what is actually there. It doesn’t get bogged down in the roles and characters we all portray both online and in real life, but it sees to the core. Love isn’t a physical entity, so it doesn’t have to dig through all the layers. It sees only the heart, but at the same time it sees the whole heart.

God is love. If God is love, then what we experience must be His whisperings. Laying aside theological differences, love is the part of God, who sees the hearts of all men, still prevalent in this world wreaking havoc on the status quo today. Love is the urging of the Spirit moving through people, you and me, creating rays of light from darkness. I’m no physicist, but I know this isn’t supposed to make sense.

Love isn’t a mathematician, nor is it an emotional basket case. Though it may seem both at times, love far transcends our understanding by only understanding the heart. Where we get tripped up with appearances and technicalities, love sees straight through and addresses the essence of the matter. It has no respect for artificial constraints, as it doesn’t need them to understand the world around it better. Love is Jesus’ Spirit still walking the earth continuing the work He started thousands of years ago. Now, He works through us. However, it makes it easier if we lovingly give in to Him. Dare we risk an end like Jesus, Stephen or Bartholomew, giving ourselves to a love that believes all things?