Make a difference. I’ve gone around for most of my life feeling misunderstood by the people around me. “If they’d only take the time,” I thought, “then they’d get to know me for who I really am,” all the while never letting them in to my world. See, the fact is I’m scared. I’m terrified of letting people in and allowing them a chance to hurt me unlike any other.

Not your hero. What makes heroes great, what we love most about them is they risk who they are for those they love or what they believe in. Between my parents’ separation and a breakup a couple years later of the relationship I used to run from my family situation in shambles, my tendency of closing off turned full-blown defense mechanism. I didn’t become the hero I so desperately longed and still long to be, but the antithesis of one.

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” I Corinthians 9:24

We’re meant to be heroes. No, I’m not saying you should run around with a mask and cape always at the ready. However, I’m saying we should all be ready to risk who we are for what matters most to us. In other words, we were made to pursue our callings with everything we’ve got.

Running scared. The fact is, nearly all of us don’t. Plain and simple. However, the “why” is more interesting. Sadly, many people don’t understand their calling, because they don’t take the time to fully appreciate who God’s made them to be. Friends, I’d consider that an identity crisis. Also, many people are just too afraid that their purpose isn’t important, practical or safe. To answer those quickly, false, good and excellent. Allow me to explain.

Calling is important. If you believe yourself created in every way by God, then it follows that He’s created you uniquely (just look around). Now, if you’ve been created uniquely, then God’s omniscience means that must be for a well-thought reason. That reason is your purpose. If you believe all the previous, then you cannot believe God to create some for greater purposes than others. That’s just not how He works.

Practical is a construct. What was practical yesterday doesn’t follow necessarily tomorrow. Practical is such a fluid term. On it’s own, it carries no meaning. Practical is defined by its context, not a strict definition. If this is practical, then why do we use it as a metric for our life’s purpose? When deciding to send Jesus to earth, do you think God asked if His idea was practical?

No movie will be made about safe. Our goal isn’t to be movie stars or the inspiration for the next great film epic, but look at this. We love movies because they mimic real life in some way. There has not been a movie about someone being safe throughout and conquering anything. If we are living safe lives, then we are stymying ourselves in the quicksand of mediocrity. We can only live a life of unfulfillment. Every story involves risk and by virtue of this fact alone, we cannot lead safe lives.

What are you waiting for? Why do you insist on keeping the world waiting on you? The world doesn’t care if you don’t start out doing it well, because no one does. What matters is your getting out there and trying it. We’ve all screwed up massively in one way or another. It’s expected. What’s not expected is that you’ll stick with it long enough, love hard enough, to make a difference.Go ahead. I dare you to make a difference.