needing rest after a weekend of remodeling

Hi, friends. I hope y’all had a great weekend. I know I did, but I could use a rest from my weekend. My dad and I spent the entirety of Saturday and Sunday remodeling my kitchen. If you’ve never remodeled a seventy-plus year old house that’s been remodeled a time or two before, you have no idea how much “fun” that can be. To give you an idea, it took us two whole days just to tear down a wall and patch the hole that it left in the wall and ceiling. I was completely in over my head. This is why the greatest tool I had was my dad. This was not his first rodeo and I could not be more thankful for that fact. Without him, there’s no way that could’ve happened.

Giving my voice a rest

It’s because of my weekend, that I come to you today and I don’t want to talk about myself. I’m tired. I’m emotionally drained (because it’s my house and I’m working with family). Mentally, I want a vacation. I feel tattered and worn this Monday morning, but I am OK. I feel spent, but I know God has my full attention. I have nothing to give today, but I will give all to be as close to Him as possible. I need rest in His presence.

Got rest?

What about you, friend? How rested do you feel today? Could you use a day of rest to recover from your weekend? Are you raring to go for another exciting week? I’m genuinely interested to hear. What tires you? What provides rest? Do you often get enough rest? Do you even know what rest feels like in the first place? Maybe the better question to ask is do we need rest at all? Tell me.

After this weekend, I’m convinced of our need for rest, friends. I’m spent, frayed and torn, but evermore convinced of my need to rely on my Father, my Sustenance. But, this post is about you, friend. Are you rested? Are you in need of a vacation after your weekly two-day? What makes you feel rested? Is rest necessary at all? I await your comments. I look forward to your input. Happy Monday, my fellow journeyers.