Where is my joy? Where is my devotion? As I write this, scratch that, type this (I have no idea how to correctly type this stream of consciousness, sorry) out into the great blackness that is the blogosphere I should be in bed as I have an exam that I need to be getting up early in order to complete preparation for, yet I feel I need this. I feel as if I am in need of some sort of release of the tension that is my waiting, bracing for the next 48 hours or so. New Testament final at 9, meeting with a professor to determine my final grade in his class, Philosophy 100 review all tomorrow (maybe). Tuesday, meeting with the boss to go over performance and talk about next semester at 7:30 IN THE MORNING!!! Then, I have my philosophy final at 2, oh, and I can’t forget that I need to complete this stupid robot project for my software development class that has its final run at 9 in the morning. To admit that I’m stressed would only be affirming the already all too obvious.

Who freaking cares? What sort of trial or discomfort is this really providing? Why am I so content with wading in my self-pity and, ugh the word isn’t coming to me at this time of night. This gloominess is just pathetic and unenjoyable, therefore I’m done with it. This is just so trivial. So I’m dealing with a couple days of absolute busyness…yes, go on.

Rather than complaining, I could be spending that brainpower (I can use all I can muster at this point) and energy and do something at least marginally useful with it, such as devoting it to studying…hmm, that’s a brilliant thought. On a lighter note, I’m listening to “College Kids” by Relient K on Pandora, and I’m apt to agree with nearly every line in the song haha.

So, I bought the “I Are an Engineer” shirt the other day and after rereading it for the hundredth time or so, IT’S COMPLETELY TRUE!!! I’M UNMISTAKABLY A NERD! Oh, well…I think this is just one of those “if the shoe fits” moments.

I have to admit, I think this whole blogging idea has turned out rather well on my end. I’m sorry if you’re reading this drivel as it’s probably just shy of mindless but take solace in the fact that at least I feel somewhat better as a result =P. I must be tired, because emoticons don’t happen on this blog. Whatever.

In case you’re wondering, as if you really are, this post was semi prompted by my mother who after talking to me on the phone sent me an email with this verse:

“Now may the Lord of peace Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance.”

II Thes. 3:16

=) this is a depiction of my face after reading this, because He always does…when I don’t slap away His ever-giving hand. And then, I saw the verse of the day, II Chronicles 7:14 and it all confirms my self complaint and the desire to find peace in this tiny little squall that has blown into my life…it’s really not the hurricane I made it out to be just a little bit ago.

Peacefully yours,

(that sign off just seemed appropriate in my head)