People Along the Way

People along the way. It’s a fact of life that we’ll meet various individuals throughout our lives. Those people come in great variety, but the kind I’m most interested in are the ones who stick around, the ones who ask questions, slow down and take an interest.

Do we return the favor? Are we open and caring? Do we let them get caught in our sea of forgetfulness or do we also take an active role in their lives? Do we appreciate the gift they’re giving? Do we value it as a gift straight from God?

I miss this link. I don’t see friends always as agents of God’s plan, willing or otherwise. I forget that God can work through people close to me. For some odd reason, it’s easier to believe God works through strangers. But, when God is trying to work through those who are close to me, what is my reaction? Rarely is it one of gratitude, letting that person in with open arms to receive the present I’m being given.

I think we can all agree friends are a gift. Maybe you’re better at receiving them than I am. Regardless, think about it for yourself. Do you welcome people into your life? Or, do you slam the gates to your heart at the sight of a new visitor? Where can we go without others to help along the way? What kind of life is lived alone? We need the people along the way.