I woke up this morning convicted of the idea that I need to thank God for my wife. Maybe you know her, maybe you don’t. That’s beside the point. She’s an amazing woman and I’m going to shout it from this platform today. Feel free to read or not, my feelings aren’t bothered either way.

First of all, she’s the strongest woman I know. She’s probably the strongest person I know. She has faced some difficult times before she met me. We’ve endured thus far in marriage. During those years of marriage, she’s also been able to deal with me. Thank You, Lord, for the incredible strength of my wife.

She is nurturing. Our dog George is her baby. And she loves him and makes sure that he knows his mommy loves him deeply. To see her encourage and care for her boy, it makes me beam. This woman can nurture like it is her job, one that she takes to heart. Thank You, Lord, for the nurturing ability You’ve given my wife.

Amy is capable. This woman runs the day-to-day operations of a roughly hundred-member-organization association. She manages a team of competent people in an environment of accomplished and scholarly colleagues. My heart brims with joy thinking of how I’ve had the joy of watching her grow into and in this role. On top of that, she’s getting not her first, but second Master’s degree. She balances them both with aplomb. Thank You, Lord, for the capability You’ve given my wife.

My wife is loyal. Do. Not. Mess. With. Those. She. Loves. I repeat, do not mess with my wife’s loved ones. I’m not sure I’ve known someone so fiercely loyal as this woman. This is the way to truly make her angry and I promise, you don’t want any of that. I know I don’t. This leads into my next point, but first: thank You, Lord, for the loyalty You’ve instilled in my wife.

Amy is so supportive. I don’t know that I’ve met anyone who finds the joy in other people doing what they love and helping them in that pursuit as much as her. I have no doubt that whatever I or anyone else tell her we want to pursue — so long as no one else is injured, ostracized, or discriminated against in that pursuit — she will support that the best that she can. There is not a single person I’ve observed that she supports who questions her support. Thank You, Lord, for the capacity to support You’ve given my wife.

My wife has faith. I don’t know where to begin with this attribute, but I got to know her through a community group or Bible study. I saw and have continued to see that her trust in Jesus runs deeper than an oak tree. She has dealt with some tough circumstances in her life, but I feel they have merely strengthened that faith. She sees Jesus in ways I wish I could and it makes her all the more beautiful to me. Thank You, Lord, for the faith You’ve given my wife.

Amy is an artist in the kitchen. She may not consider herself much of an artist, but set her loose in a kitchen — especially when it comes to baking — and I watch this woman’s soul seem to come to life. I’m glad she doesn’t bake more things I can eat because I would have a much more difficult time maintaining the level of fitness I enjoy. She has the ability to follow a recipe or to improvise while following a recipe that is enviable. Thank You, Lord, for the ability to bake and cook You’ve given my wife.

I could go on, but I will end with her ability to focus on the details. Her ability to ask questions in this realm and to know which questions to ask astonishes me. Still. Perhaps I do not express it enough, but I am so grateful that she is able to nail down details before I even think to ask the question. And she does this every day at work; it’s part of what makes her so truly amazing at her job. Thank You, Lord, for the attention to details You’ve given my wife.

I’m not sure where our marriage goes from here, or even what’s next. However, friend, that doesn’t ultimately matter. What matters to me right now is thanking God for and making the best of what I have today. So, I gush about the woman my wife is and the woman I’ve seen her become in the past nearly three years. I sincerely hope we have another fifty years together, but while I have today I rejoice. In the gift of Amy — and so much more — God has shown me He is good and that He cares for me intimately and infinitely. Hallelujah! Amen.

Originally published at faiththroughdoubt.com on August 27, 2017.