redemption like a sunset

In all honesty, I don’t like having to say, “I’m sorry,” because I know that what I’m really saying is that I screwed up and I was wrong. It’s those last three words that cut me deeply, leaving me far too vulnerable. Sure, my reaction may be a little extreme, but when being right was what you grew up understanding as how people would accept you, being wrong is rather terrifying. However, this week has begun to reteach me that the life of faith, my faith isn’t about being right or wrong. Rather, life is about redemption and where we go from being wrong.

Redemption stories

Look at the lives of David and Peter. The great King David, through whom Jesus proudly traced His lineage, was a mess. David had a man killed, a man very important to him, just so David could sleep with this man’s wife. Yet, David was redeemed; David was counted a good king. Peter, brash Peter, denied Jesus three times. Peter denied Jesus three times in one night. Yet, redemption is the best word to describe the upswing that led to this disciple who founded the Church. Redemption is the only thing that could have enabled such a drastic one-eighty.

Living the redemption story

Jesus came, died, and resurrected for every transgression, shortcoming, failure. For every sin, Jesus bought the sinner’s redemption. Once and for always, we are redeemed. It is a costly redemption, as Jesus, God Himself, had to die. However, it is a permanent one, lasting even through death. For the damaged relationship with our Father we mourn. But, it is for the hope in the promise of Jesus that we have joy. In the depths, there is still the light of the redemption He bought for us. And it’s that light I hope for us to focus on today, friends.

The Bible is one large redemption narrative, but that should tell us that God is a God of redemption. Since Adam and Eve, He has been weaving together the most elaborate redemption story ever told. I think we can all agree that this world could use some redeeming. And I doubt any of us would argue that we individually need some redeeming, as well. If you look, you’ll find the redemption story unwinding in your own life, friend. For that, I rejoice. For the story I see unfolding in my own life, I am grateful. Because a world viewed through the lens of redemption is an infinitely beautiful one, the ultimate masterpiece in progress.