sabotaging God

We all want to be happy. We’re all in our own ways striving after the things we think will bring us that long happiness. I know I am. But I also know that I have a tendency of sabotaging God when He does give me something awesome. How does one go about “sabotaging God,” you ask? One minute, please.

Sabotaging God is an everyday act

If I’m honest, I find myself sabotaging God every day. He gives me beautiful sunrises (as I’m normally up and moving before the sun is), meaningful conversations, a roof over my head, and all sorts of little serendipitous happenings throughout the day that bring a smile to my face, but I’m too busy with being busy and making myself feel important to take much notice. If I’m honest, I actively ignore the hand outstretched at every moment of happiness through the day. At every moment, I am attempting at sabotaging God and turning divine gifts into the ordinary.

Sabotaging God is a heart issue

The reason I’m so bent on “sabotaging God” boils down to a gross misunderstanding of God, resulting in a lack of trust in Him. Sure, I have great parents, but at the end of the day they’re both human and have their limitations. By my experience, I don’t know what a perfectly loving and all-knowing Father looks like. Yes, I’ve experienced His love time and again, but forgive me for being a fickle child. Try as I might, I still try (all the time, it seems) my hand at sabotaging God.

Sabotaging God is an exercise in futility

God isn’t giving me things that bring a smile to my face or warmth to my heart because I earned it with a good performance review at work. He doesn’t shower me with gifts because I volunteered at church this week. This isn’t what our good Father does. It’s not a reward system. Just as it’s not a reward system, sabotaging God proves equally fruitless. I cannot, despite my best efforts, thwart God’s perfect benevolence. God is bigger than me. God is far more loving than I am hardheaded. God is far more giving than I could ever be refusing. Stop trying so hard. God is for you, and to a degree you’ll never begin to fathom, beloved child.

Beloved child, what a ring those words have. Sabotaging God will never get you anywhere. When you are a child of the Father, you can neither run from or towards Him. You are always within reach of His loving embrace. You are always one step away from being doted upon with priceless gifts from the Heart of Life. You are always walking in the Light. Friend, beloved child who He has made you, take time today and reflect on the ways (big and small) you are attempting at sabotaging God. Is it really worth it? Is God really so unloving?