Starving the Soul (Better Late Than Never)

dirty dishes of the starving soul

I’ll admit to y’all, I often feel too busy for God. I often forget to stop and spend some alone time with my Father. And the busier I am, the easier it is to perpetuate the starving of my soul. The easier it is to think that I’ve been going it alone and that I can continue without His help, His love. Friends, a man who doesn’t spend time contemplating God’s love, experiencing it in the quiet of his own heart, is little more than the animals. So, pardon me that this post is a day late. I couldn’t rightly post without taking a few moments in contemplative prayer yesterday.

Food to the starving soul

I think most of you know that God is our soul’s daily sustenance. For those of you that know, I couldn’t be more glad. To those that don’t, I speak to you. Have you ever experienced God filling your soul? Have you ever experienced that kind of fulfillment and satisfaction, even though fleeting? Wouldn’t you like that again? IF you haven’t experienced this, wouldn’t you like to feel contentment deep within? Shouldn’t we all ascribe to feeling content to our very cores? Isn’t that the bliss of the soul? Isn’t that nirvana?

Starving because we’re too busy pigging out

The times when I ignore God are the times when I’m too busy settling for spiritual junk food. Spiritual analogy aside, I’m talking about substituting lust, greed, and pleasure for lasting joy. When I value objects and experiences more than God, I am denying my soul the very life force for which it craves and needs. And I’m in the midst of realizing this anew.

I’m keeping this short, because there’s no need to complicate what I’m learning, friends: God is what feeds my soul. When I forget Him, I neglect my starving heart and only starve it further. I need God, not because my parents or my church tell me so, but because I know it in my core. Do you know this, friend? Are you currently starving your soul like me? Have you ever really felt a soul content with the God you were feeding it?