Sunday, Heavy Sunday

It’s not yet noon and it’s been a deep day already. Between Chris’s message of the third of the Ten Commandments, John Eldredge’s The Ransomed Heart and God’s putting the two together a little bit, just enough to both reveal Truth to me and perplex me, I feel slightly overwhelmed. I have to say this is probably the best kind of overwhelming I can imagine. My philosophy class right now comes to mind and Socrates in The Apology when he says that he has human wisdom which is the recognition that he knows nothing and that earthly knowledge is worthless in the heavenly realm. That is definitely how I feel right now. So much has just been revealed to me, but in that revelation came the recognition that what has just been revealed will take a lifetime to truly understand and my understanding of what is true wisdom and knowledge is smaller than the smallest star in comparison to the size of the universe. We are made in the image of God, but what is that image? It can’t be our faces or our hands or any physical attribute because we are all made so differently. I feel that what that really refers to is our hearts in that if it is the essence of who we are and were made to be, it is good and contains our deepest needs, desires and passions. God has a heart, too. If God is who He says He is, then is His heart not good and loving? If God’s will is perfect, good and pleasing, then does that not also describe His heart if His will is truly an expression of His heart and who He is? On a day to day basis, I forget this consistently. I do not trust in Him because I can’t come to see Him in this light. As Chris said this morning, that is a form of taking the name of the Lord in vain. I am not believing all that He claims to be and is.
You see? It’s been a heavy morning, but now it is afternoon. That really has nothing to do with anything, but I guess I was just making sure that people realize I’m not a doofus and don’t recognize that this will be posted after 12:00pm.
So, after that horrible tangent, it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I have no real desire to watch the game itself. All I care to see are the commercials (is or are?).
I will go ahead and admit this right now, I’ve been listening to Brooke Fraser since I got here to Fox Park (thank God I can get some DECENT coffee on Sunday) and if I had to marry someone based on her lyrical ability, despite common belief for those who know me, I’d pick Brooke over Taylor. Here’s my thinking, if I were to marry Taylor, then a) she probably would no longer have a career and b) I’d be worried all the time that each new song she wrote was about something I did wrong or that everything I did wrong would lead to her writing a new song. This would not be good in any sense. So, there, I’ve said it haha.
Alright, I should be getting to the work and reading that I have, but I might be back later…