God doesn't settle but sometimes shuts doors

You’ll have to pardon me if I’m a little behind the curve on this one. Maybe I’m a tad slow, or perhaps I’m just that stubborn. Regardless of the reason, I’m coming to find that while I may be content to settle for lesser things, God is not. I pray for small miracles and God lets me down. Instead, He provides beyond my imagination. I’m learning God is too big to settle. I’m learning God is too good to settle. But it’s not because God can’t settle.

A God too big to settle

God is bigger than my one problem. He is bigger than a car crash. He is larger than my mortgage payment. It’s not that He doesn’t care about me and what happens in my life, quite the opposite. His plans are just bigger than a single event, bigger than a single concern. His plans for our lives are bigger than the stars. So, God will sometimes let us down in our small prayers. He will disappoint us, but only so that He can make way for greater blessings.

A God too good to settle

God will settle for nothing less than providing for us His best. This is goodness. Goodness will break our heart, so that it can put back the pieces, cleaning each one delicately in the process. He will allow for me to be a wreck after this relationship, so that He can prepare me for a better one. He will dash my plans to go out to this event, so that I would run into that person and have that deeper conversation.

A God who won’t settle

There is nothing God cannot do, but God chooses not to settle. He is too big, too good to settle. His love is far to great for Him to provide anything less than perfect for the children that are the apple of His eye. If God has already given us His everything, why would He stop now? God always has more in store for us. Just because He doesn’t answer what we’ve been praying for for the longest time doesn’t mean He’s done providing. No, it means that He will not settle for either giving it to us in the wrong time or for something less than what He has in mind for us. And it’s always better. Always.

God won’t settle to provide for us anything less than His absolute best. He’s too good, He’s too loving, He’s too big to give us any less than that. But therein lies the problem for this all-things-on-demand millennial. I want a vending machine, not a God. However, I’m learning that God may actually know my heart more intimately than I ever will. And scary as that is, it’s the highest affirmation I could ever receive. So here’s to the disappointments. May they make way for blessing beyond our imaginations today.