As I kinda figured, I’m back once again. So, my professor said after my group’s presentation that our delivery was great however we didn’t actually say anything…harsh. Well, I got stuck in the basement of Olsson Hall for a couple hours and I was able to cement the idea that I have completely lost my mind from the lack of sleep.
I have no idea if what I’m saying right now because I’m strangely asphyxiated by this dumb commercial for this Final Smoke thing that supposedly gets people to stop smoking. I am definitely at my ADD best when I’m completely exhausted as I am right now. I want to keep typing, but my ability to string together coherent sentences is waning to say the least.
So, Brandon Heath. I said I’d pick this topic up in my last post. One of my favorite songs of all time possibly is his “I’m Not Who I Was” simply for the fact that I can relate completely. I don’t think the person I am today much resembles who I was, say a year ago. I could expound on this topic, but it feels too shallow, so there I leave it.
Four cups of coffee is completely wrecking my stomach. I have a delicate stomach as is, but that definitely put me over the edge. Long story short, my tummy is very unhappy.
On another note, I had a pretty sweet dinner with a guy in my project group where we ended up discussing the omnipotence of God. He said how he used to believe in Jesus, but then because he felt insignificant in comparison and that God didn’t really care, he felt that praying was pointless. We talked about how God in his omnipotence cannot be limited and could therefore care for all and every individual all at once. He then went on to say that he thought free will to be a farce, which we then came to the conclusion that, once again, God in His omnipotence could know all our possible choices as well as the possible consequences mapped out and so our free will could appear, from a higher level, as if it weren’t free will at all. I don’t know if this is making any sense as my ability to explain things and be articulate is severely inhibited at the moment.
Ok, now to try to be motivated and hit the gym before bible study…we’ll see how this goes.