We leave impressions everywhere. That’s just the fact of the matter. We meet new people all the time, everyday for some of us, and each new encounter is an impression. Each new person is left with an idea of who they think we are. In some cases, they’re left with a different idea of who they think God is or isn’t. The fact is, I don’t think we’re mindful enough of this. I don’t believe we live intentionally in light of this truth.

It had been 6 months. That was how long ago I was last down in Charlottesville before this past weekend. Granted, I’d spent four years there graduating from the University of Virginia, but I only make it back down there but once every 6-12 months now. Anyway, I was with my dad and friend Erik and we went to the bar where my dad and I frequented when he’d make his visits when I was in school. That day was like a drawn out version of Cheers. Person after person came who worked at the bar came in and each time was like old friends reacquainting once again. It got me thinking.

Who am I? I’m no one special. By all standards, I am a very ordinary person. However, that has no bearing on the responsibility I carry. I am an ambassador for Christ, the face of Jesus to my world. As such, my responsibility to my world is to represent Him well. However, it wasn’t until this past weekend that I realized what kind of reach my influence had. The fact is, we all have a platform with those around us, we all have reach and we all have influence. It’s what we do with those that make us different.

I am God’s. That is who I am and I bear the mark of God to the world. That, friends, is an honor. It is an honor above all others. There is none greater than to be able to proudly bear His name. Why should I not show off what I’ve been given like I would a new pair of shoes or a car? In much the same way, why would I not talk about it? Is being God’s own less valuable than a car? A pair of shoes? It’d appear that it was.

We’ve been blessed with a great responsibility. Really, it’s a blessing to have such an honor, but it’s not without a responsibility. We don’t deserve this honor, but that’s not the point. We have it, now what are we going to do with it? I pray that we don’t just sit on our stools wasting it. Whether we know it or not, we leave impressions everywhere.