We need negative people in our lives. Let that sink in. To be honest, I hate when someone tells me ‘no’ or that my idea is a bad one. Those of you saying “no idea is a bad one,” have obviously never met me. I come up with several ideas a day. Accumulate those over the period of a month or a year and I’m bound to have one or three bad ideas. Think, now, if I didn’t have someone to provide that perspective. I think you’re beginning to appreciate the negative people (for lack of a better phrase).

Negative people have perspective, too

Those telling us ‘no’ aren’t against us. Oftentimes, I need to take a step back to realize this fact. However, these (and I’m loving calling them this) negative people have been put in our lives for a distinct purpose. Maybe they know something we don’t. Maybe they’re trying their best to keep us from making a grave mistake. Their methods may be the worst, but the negative people have a great heart behind their actions. And that’s the most crucial thing we can remember. They are messengers, just as much of a blessing as those carrying good news.

The negative people aren’t always right

I’m not saying they’re wrong, but they’re human. Negative people are placed in our lives for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s to keep us from walking off the proverbial cliff. Other times, it’s merely to keep us mindful of the pitfalls. They may help fortify our resolve or they may reveal the folly in it. But whatever the result, it’s our responsibility to listen. Why wouldn’t we listen to those who care enough to speak in love against our course of action. These people deserve a hug or a pat on the back, not the firing squad.

We don’t like to listen to negative people

Simply put, our ideas are an extension of ourselves. For someone to question or reject an idea or thought of ours can feel like a personal attack. I’m sure on some level it is. But it’s not at all. And it is rarely ever meant as such. On top of the attack, the ‘no’ can feel like we’re being told we’re wrong. But that’s not it. It is a reminder that we need people, even negative people, we need community. We need because we don’t have all the answers or the perspective and we never will. But we don’t have to. I can’t imagine that kind of burden.

Maybe I’m just an oversensitive baby, and I’ll accept that charge. But the fact is, negative people, the naysayers can get us all down. The fact of the matter is that they are just as important, just as Godsent as the ones pushing us forward. Because we need them doesn’t mean we stop in our tracks and about face. We listen to their points, take them all into consideration and make a better informed decision, thanking them for their love and care. Because the naysayers are people just like us giving and needing love, in search of true community. So, let’s lay down our weapons and celebrate the negative people in our lives!